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Gary Wilson

Director of Training and Product Development

At age 40, retired as Corporate Vice-President, Mergers & Acquisitions in National Banking;

* In first 6 months after earning real estate license, created 6 figure income working with Investors;

* Completed over 100 transactions per year consistently every year without a sales team or assistant, with virtually no marketing costs;

*Traded over 3,000 Investment properties in less than 5 years;

* Developed five real estate holding companies, owning more than 250 Rental Units;

* Self-made multi-millionaire by building a real estate enterprise including: brokerage, rental management, investment services, settlement services, and appraisal services;

* Award winner and accepted into Andron Apiphenon Order of Excellence for Real Estate;

* Author of SIX Real Estate Investment books:

* Founder, Trainer and Coach of Path to Profit System, teaching more than 8,000 Agents and Investors;

* Students of the Path to Profit Systems have gone on to create fortunes in brokerage, property management, and by applying multiple investment strategies including flipping, wholesaling, and acquiring rentals;

* Appeared on OVER 100 national and local media outlets including: CBS, FOX News, NBC, ABC, Business Week, iTunes

Gina Hanson

I’m a game and logic puzzle geek who’s secret power is finding loopholes in life. I spent my school years either tutoring kids or in the principal’s office trying to get out of detention. My mom was flipping houses back in the 70’s to augment our income. I cut my teeth on the smell of fresh paint. I have lived in over 60 houses (!) learning the magic of hard work, vision, (and mad moving skills).

I had the good timing to start a career in real estate right as the market crashed in ’07. I learned the value of doing the opposite of the pack. I built a successful 7-person team and helped hundreds of families each year navigate through some of the toughest financial decisions they had ever faced.

In 2011 I began doing start-up and turn-around real estate offices and then founded The Works Coaching, Inc. A wise person once taught me that if you help enough people get what they want, then you will always get what you want.

I currently live in the quirky little art town of Mount Dora, FL and am married to the love of my life. We spend our weekends exploring all the cool spots only the locals know. I believe in giving back, trying new things, running a marathon just to say you did it, and, if I’m really lucky, (and I am) I get to learn something interesting from every person I meet.
XO, G.